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SAP API Management Request.Verb Empty

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Good afternoon,

I am getting an odd behaivour in SAP API Managment so let's see if someone has encountered the same issue.

We have an API Proxy with to Target Endpoints where one of them does not call to any backend.

For the POST operation everthing works fine but for the GET opeation we are getting the error below:

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Unable to route the message to a Target Endpoint","detail":{"errorcode":"messaging.runtime.RouteFailed" } }}

After debugging, what I have observed is that the system variable request.verb is empty, therefore, when doing the comparison to determine the target endpoint if fails.

At the start of the process:

When determining the target:

The policies applied are:

- Retrieve a value from the cache with a CacheLookUp.

- Set the payload with an AssingMessage.

Any idea why this system request.verb variable gets blanked?

Many thanks!


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Hi Charles Golfman,

Can you please provide the screenshot of the flow used. We won't be able to understand your debugging. It would be better to understand the policies and order of policies used in order to determine the error. Please provide a screenshot of the same.

Also, you mentioned that request.verb is not being displayed in the target. Provide the policy name and policy code which is used to retrieve the verb. A screenshot of the whole policy code written would be much helpful.

Br/Sai Sreenivas

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