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SAP API Management and Target Endpoint OAuth2.0

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Hi All,

I'm trying to setup an OAUTH 2.0 API to 1 of our external partners and not sure how to approach this.

I need to request a token using the application Key and Application secret and update the authentication. Similar to the Basic authentication but with the token.

If anybody can help me/ point to the right direction?



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Hi Jacques,

Hope you are well!!

Would like to know if you got answer to your question above if yes can you help me setup API via OAuth2.0.

Below is my code, it says Bad request.

token_url = ""

#client (application) credentials

client_id = 'l7d315c87b8aca4ebfac1f294bc5bf469d'

client_secret = 'fd270a064a1a49e9adb50cc33a027fe8'

headers={'authorization':(client_id, client_secret)}

data = {'grant_type':'client_credentials'}

access_token_response = RestClient.Post(token_url, headers, data)

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Have you tried using policy OAuth2.0 and generate token.