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SAP Analytics Cloud - Time Calculation for calculated measures

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Dear all,

is it possible to add a time calculation to a manually calculated measure? SAC doesn't display this option for calculated measures, it's only available for existing measures in the data model.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Could you let us know: is it a Live or Import model? What kind of datasource is it at the backend ? (these things can make a difference)

To be honest with you, i could only get to so far, even when using a import from file planning model (where i would a maximum of features to be enabled)

i created a calculated measure, with an aggregation projection 'average'

then i tried to create another calculated measure ontop of that, using a time based restriction 'previous period' ..

and the UI said this wasn't supported!

Could you share some screenshots of what you are trying to do? Is it something along the same lines?