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SAP Analytics Cloud - %Subtotal in Hierarchies

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Hi Experts, 

i have an account-member which is calculated as a %subtotal and some ignored dimensions. Everything works fine with a flat presentation or when i show only the leaves of the hierarchy. 

As an example we can follow the value for "OTH - Others" (blue) which is 0.02:


When i change the view to see a hierachy of a specific public dimension, there is the follwing problem:

Each parent shows 1 (=100%) as a total of the childs. 


So it seems, that SAC is calculation the %Subtotal for all childs of a node. 

What i need is the same values from screenshot 1 for the lowest level of the Hierachy and the a correct aggregation up to the parents. 


This should also apply to the other nodes:


Can sombody help here?

Thanks in advance!


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Subtotals% are calculated by each level and not rolled up so it will calculate ST% separately for parent nodes and child. 

What you need is kind of contribution % so you should calculate it explicitly by dividing the child value by the Grandtotal. Grand total you can get by Grandtotal formula in story and then just calculate contribution by [Measure]/GT


Hope this helps !!