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SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Data Action Advance Formula

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Hi all ,

I have a requirement where a certain percentage of amount for certain cost center should detected and get stored to a GL called Direct. For example refer below amount 2000 from Cost center 101 where 10% ie. 200 must get allocated to Direct. How can I perform this using Advanced formula in Data Action




Thanks!! in advance

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The solution will depend on whether the percentage of DIRECT deduction is based on Cost center or Costcenter and GL combination. If it is just based on costcenter you can maintain these percentages in property ( type number) of costcenter and use it in DA. If its based on Costcenter and GL then you need to maintain these percentages in system at CC and GL combination and may be other dimension as #.

First approach:


MEMBERSET [D/Account]=("A","B","C","D","E")

DATA([d/Account]="Direct") = ATTRIBUTE([d/costcenter].[p/directperc])*RESULTLOOKUP()

 Second Approach

MEMBERSET [D/Account]=("A","B","C","D","E")
DATA([d/Account]="Direct") = RESULTLOOKUP([Account]="DirectPerc") * RESULTLOOKUP()

In RESULTLOOKUP([Account]="DirectPerc") please specify all other dimension as # if you use them to store the percentages.


Hope this helps !!