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SAP Analytics cloud live connection exclude hierarchy nodes

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We are using a bw live connection based on cds views in S/4.

We created a story where we have an account hierarchy let's say :

- Total

--- Expenses

------- Salaries

------- Amortization


We want to exclude node "Amortization" and still display the Total hierarchy. For the moment we didn't find a way to do this. In the story filter, if we create a filter based on dimension account, we cannot exclude a node (member exclusion is not available when using hierarchy). How could we do that ?

thanks in advance



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Hello, I tried to filter with exclusion with following code :

Table_1.getDataSource().setDimensionFilter("ID dimension",{value:"!100000005060100",exclude:true}); where ID dimension is the name of my dimension

It doesn't work table is returned empty.

I tested the same code to filter a node (no exclusion and it worked) :

Table_1.getDataSource().setDimensionFilter("ID dimension",{value:"!100000005060100",});

Is my exclusion code incorrect ?

bets regards

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Exclude  Amortization in source view or you can script (read out hierarchy and exclude levels that you don't need)

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Hello, thanks for your answer. I cannot change in the source because i need it in another report. I will try to investigate the script to figure out how to do. I know that I can select a level of a hierarchy but not excluding a specific node. Best regards