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SAP Analytics Cloud for planning - Resource Issue for Data Action

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HI friends,

right now Iam facing the Issue that a Data Action fails because of not enough resources. 

The data action "DataAction_Name" couldn't run on version "Version_Name" because you don't have the resources available for step 1. Try restricting the scope of this step or try again later.

In this post this issue was already mentioned. 

Is there a way to track the used resources in the SAC?

Kind regards,



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The below error comes when your data action is processing lot of records and your tenant does not have enough memory to handle this processing. 

You could analyze your DA and check if you have proper MEMBERSET scoping. Try to scope as much as you can. You can also analyze if you have any expensive statements in your DA like check of NULL, nested IF, FOREACH or combination of them. You can see if you can optimize the code if possible. 

If you still get the error try executing the DA in batches for e.g. by entities or by quarters instead of full years etc.