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SAP Analytics Cloud for planning - Data Import on Locked Versions

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Hi friends,

I need to enable the Planning Standard User to execute data loads into a locked version, such as "Actuals".

Currently, the Planning Standard User Role has full privileges except for Planning Professional privileges. However, when this user attempts to execute an import job, they receive a "Data locking violation" notification.

One solution is to set the version to restricted, but that isn't practical for "Actuals," as it must remain locked at all times.

What other options can we explore to achieve this goal?

Kind regards,


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Assuming you have set up data locks on the version Actuals, You could use a Multi Action where you can add a data unlocking step before you add this import job as the second step. Then you can add a data locking step again.

Note: Some import jobs are not supported in MA but you can try.


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Thanks a lot Nikhil.