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SAP Analysis Path Framework (APF) on Hana Cloud Platform (HCP)

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Hi Team,

I have created an APF Application on APF Configuration Modeller which consumes an Hana CDS View. I am trying to configure / move the same APF application on HCP. Following are the steps configured:-

1. Created Abap CDS View for APF

2. Created two projects in SAP webide for APF Design Time and APF Runtime.

3. Two Destinations are configured in HCP for Standard APF OData Service and Application OData Service.

4. These two destinations created are referred in the SAP WEBIDE UI Projects.

5. The AnalyticalConfiguration.json file and text properties files are exported from Fiori Launchpad and added to the UI Projects.

6. The two UI applications are deployed to HCP.

7. While launching the APF Runtime application from HCP using the APF application configuration id retrieved from the Application Configuration Modeller, I am getting 404 Not Found Error.

Is there some configurations steps that are missed or any inputs or suggested to execute the APF Runtime Application.



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Hi Jutta,

Is APF available in SAP Cloud Platform??.. If yes, How can i enable them??

I am not able to see that in Services of SAP Cloud Platform

Would appreciate if you can guide me or help me out!!

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Thiru,

in the meantime, a trial version of APF on SAP Cloud Platform is available. You can register here:

Once you have access, you can follow one of the guided tours or explore the solution on your own.

Kind regards,

Jessica Gerner