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SAP Analysis 2.5 Custom Ribbon Macro

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I noticed one of the new features in Analysis 2.5 was the ability to customize the ribbon by adding Macros to newly created buttons.

I believe I've used the appropriate syntax for my VBA, however, after doing the set-up in the Customize Analysis Ribbon part, when I click the newly created custom button nothing happens. The macro does not run, nor is there an error message.

If I attempt to manually run onExecuteFYCopy it will run the macro as I would expect, but not via the newly created custom button.

Can someone please advise, maybe I'm missing something plainly obvious or my syntax in the Analysis Customize area is incorrect?

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Thanks Tammy, that's a good suggestion. I've e-mailed my question above to the appropriate individuals.

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Faced the same issue and thought of updating the solution ... looks like the called macro has to have the signature customMacro(args) i.e. atleast one argument in the signature else the call to the macro does not work.