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SAP AIF Index table always stores first occurrence of E1EDK14-ORGID in key fields. Can't store VKORG

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How to store a value based on Qualifier in SAP AIF Index table when we have multiple occurrences of an inbound IDOC segment of ORDER05. If we need the ability to search IDOCs in /n/AIF/ERR based on Sales Org or Sales Office. Index table is always storing the first occurrence of segment E1EDK14-ORGID.
While defining key fields who to add a condition based on Qualifier of segment E1DK14 or any such segment which can repeat.


Harshit Jamalpur


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Hi @Jamalpur ,

SAP published a new note which may help you:

Based on that note, you can define keyfields based on qualifieres.


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Thank you very much @sebastian_gottmann3 Sebastian. I have tried to implement this note and all its prerequisites and now it has enhanced the view with additional fields where we can specify Qualifier and a value for it. Also, it has updated lots of classes and function groups. But it's still not helping.

I tried to dig in a little deeper to see where it was going wrong. It may fetch values based on qualifier in method /AIF/CL_ENABLER_BASE=>STORE_SINGLE_KEYFIELDS, which got updated as per this note.

But during Inbound IDOC it calls via different class /AIF/CL_ENABLER_IDOC=>STORE_SINGLE_KEYFIELDS. So I guess SAP needs to also update this class & method.

Or is there another note which needs to be implemented.

Thanks again for this valuable information and help.

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Hi @Jamalpur, sorry that you stumbled about the issue. We will have a look at the note and check why this is not working. Fastes way to stay up to date on the issue is if you open an incident on component BC-SRV-AIF.