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SAP AI Core: proxy deployment: url not found

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I'm currently doing a sap tutorial on the sap ai core. But whenever I try to access my deploy azure open ai model via sap core i.ex via the deployment url I get from the btp, I get the error that the url is not found. I already tested my proxy i.ex my connection to azure openAi. I can correctly communicate with my deployed AzureModel directly via azure but whenever I try to communicate via Ai core it doesn't work. Can someone maybe help me?

that's my url from the deployment:

and according to this tutorial:

I should be able to make a chat completion call with the endpoint:

I don't know why v2/envs is added and I can't find it in the SAP AI core documentation (envs and v2 aren't files in the project either)

Appreciate the help, thanks !

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There is a permanent fix for this issue.It will be deployed soon.Currently the workaround is to raise an exception for the pod in the backend.

I would suggest to wait for a few days till the fix is applied.

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Team - Is this issue resolved now . I'm getting a similar one in the Vector search Mission .Thanks .