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SAP Adobe Form - Page Break

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I am trying to do a page break in SAP Adobe form. I have one master page and one content area. Master page has some heading sub form (such logo, report header etc..) and Content area has a nested subforms (with two internal table - One like a header, second is item). In the content area on the first sub form, I used Pagination with "Following Previous" and After as "Go To Next Page". It works fine, but this is creating a blank page at the end. Can you please suggest if there is any alternate ways of doing it?

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The table mustn't be in the master pages section, it must be in the Design View and can be under a subform, if you put it under a subform then the subform must be flowed and put V in Allow page breaks within content, in the table properties put the v in the allow page breaks within content, in the header row --> bindings --> V on Repeat row for each data item, V on min count and put there 1, In Row1 do the same as I wrote for the header row.

That's is, hope I helped you with that and understand what exactly you ment, If you have any more questions don't hasitate to ask.


Amit Berku

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Hi, Thanks for the response. I tried with the options, but not worked. I have all the internal tables in the design page only. Node1 & Node 2 --> Flowed with top to bottom and Allow Page Breaks checked and Material Node is Flowed with Western text. Below are my settings. This is creating the page break as intended, but creating the blank page at the end.