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SAP 7.70 GUI Download


How do I download SAP 7.70 and install on my windows machine?

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First off, you tagged this as "Java GUI" yet you're planning to install it on Windows; this is possible but perhaps pointless, since a native Windows GUI is available.

If you have only a private user account (so called "P user"), you can find the downloads here under ABAP Platform 1909 Developer Edition on SAP HANA 2.0

If you also have a business user account ("S user"), that's another story because normally someone else takes care of that for you in your company.

Last but not least, 7.70 is obsolete: Java GUI is (at least) at 7.80 rev 3 and the Windows GUI at 8.00 patch 3, if I am not mistaken

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Can you please provide a link to download SAP GUI for Mac with M2 processor?

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Thanks your answer help me a lot.