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SAP 4.0 SP2 Installation Question

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CMS database and audit database (2008 version) were created on a different box. Prior to installtion, CMS ODBC and Audit ODBC connections were created.

When I got to the CMS database setup, I got three options to select before continue to the next step. What are these options mean?

Use Trusted Connection.

Show system database.

Reset existing database.

Thank you.

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Use Trusted Connection -> This would use the account the CMS is started with instead of a native database user to connect to the database. System needs to be set up for Trusted connection to work -> Please check the manuals

Show system database. -> I am not sure. Where exactly do you see this option?

Reset existing database. -> It would delete all the content in your CMS database and recreate the default objects e.g. the Admininstrator account. Unless you are sure what you are doing do not use that option.

Kind Regards

Roland Hoeller