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same username flows through from UI5 to SAP ECC via Gateway

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Hi Everyone,

We need your help in understanding the recommended approach to ensure the same username flows through, from UI5 to SAP ECC via Gateway for audit trail.

In other words, we want to use same user-ID in all three landscapes. So, GW should be using user-ID - dynamically coming from UI5 application.

Example:- Through UI5 Application, assume one user having user-ID "ECCSK" created a record and that needs to be syndicated in back-end SAP ERP. Now, we want "ECCSK" should be used in GW as user-ID and that again should be syndicated to back-end SAP ERP with user-ID as "ECCSK" only.

We can see technical workarounds but not sure if Gateway supports some approach where ECC activity is executed with the incoming (from UI5) logged-in user information. What's the recommended approach?

This happens through SAP PI and known as concept of Principal Propagation. Does SAP GateWay also support this? If not, is there any similar approach?

Thanks for any guideline or clarification around this.

Kumar Saurav.

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Principal Propagation is recommended even in Gateway scenario.

Backend users need to be replicated on Gateway server.