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Sales Order - Item Price Element PATCH error

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I'm using the Sales Order (A2X) API, for the Item Price Element, and I'm trying to use the PATCH method in order to update the Condition Rate Value of the item, but my item is not being updated.

I tried from Postman and from my Fiori APP and both return success messages, when I execute the request from the Fiori I was able to get in my system this error:

Backend Error: Field CONDITIONTYPE is not an input field

But when I look on the documentation and information that field should be editable as mentioned in the link:

Inês Martins

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Inês,

I have quickly tested it and I was able to update the Condition Rate Value with the following request:
URL: https://{{system}}/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_SALES_ORDER_SRV/A_SalesOrderItemPrElement(SalesOrder='{{DocumentNumber}}',SalesOrderItem='10',PricingProcedureStep='145',PricingProcedureCounter='1')


    "ConditionRateValue"      : "11"

Could you please provide your requests?

I am wondering about the error message. If you try to update the Condition Rate Value, why are you getting an error message with the ConditionType?

best regards,

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I was trying for a condition type that was not standard, a customizing one.
I tried for a standard condition type and it was actualized. I have to check what's is going on with the customizing one.