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sales order created date for Quotation

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Hi Experts,

Need your advice,

I need to create report, my requirement is below,

Quatations, Quatation created date, First sales order created date.

so for this, I've created new Infoobject ZSODATE, ZREFDOCNUMBER which will bring date for sales orders

logic used :

Doc Type : ZPRO (sales orders) and ZPRQ (quatations)

so ZREFDOCNUMBER will have all document number of DOC TYPE = ZPRQ & ZPRO

For Eg.

Quatation = 200001 created on 20/07/2010.

sales order created under quatation 20001 is 53 on 22/07/2010.

Now I need a report like this

Quatation = 200001

Created on = 20/07/2010

First Sales order created = 22/07/2010.

but my out put is

Quatation Created date First sales order created

200001 22/07/2010 22/07/2010

  1. 20/07/2010 x

Note I've created formula variables for created date and first sales order created.

Thanks in Advance



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Answers (1)

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Are you having Autation creation date and Sales order creation date in seperate filed?

If yes then Just put the global filters on document type as per need.

Display all required four fileds in report.

I hope it will help.