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Sales order: auto-release depending on other released lines

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As part of a customer request, we're required to apply an automated calculation during the release steps of a Sales Order.

Whenever an when an Item line quantity is confirmed, even partially by a user, other lines (whose product is dependant to the confirmed one by a criteria inside the script) should be automatically confirmed by a proportional amount of the confirmed line.

As an example: Inside Outbound Logistics Control->Customer Demand

by selecting a line of order 338 we'd like to be able to Release or Partially release it.

when this event happens, we'd like to incercept the Quantity Released and to check if other Lines of the Sales Order are related to the line just released.

If they are, we'd like to Release a corresponding quantity to all the sales order lines that satisfy the condition.

We saw that the confirmed quantities are stored on a "CustomerRequirement" object, but the object and all its nodes are not write enabled. Is it possible to intervene in any "before save" or "after modify" event in the sales order so that the quantities are calculated and correctly applied on the CustomerRequirement?

Is there an action that can allow us to achieve such a result as well?

Thank you in advance.

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Any suggestions?