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SAC Story - t.getSections is not a function error

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I am getting " t.getSections is not a function error" while saving  SAC story. Any idea what this error is related to? 

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Hi KP01,
Seems like there is a problem with some script in your story. To find where which script contains this error, you need to:
1. Go to the edit mode
2. Click the Info Panel icon (i). You will see the script errors that the story has. The first row of the error - is the name of the Widget-event that has the error.
3. If you want to find the script that contains this error - open Left side panel
4. Go to the Outline tab
5. At the top of the Outline tab there is a search bar - Input the Widget name (or part of it) from the step 2.
6. You will see a widget with "fx" icon. Click on it and here is the script that gives the error.