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SAC - Show running number in table

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I am working with analytic application and I want to show a running number in my table.

I am working on a project planning application. Every project contains of several Items.

The user can add these items.

Example table 1:

Project 1

1 - Item A

2 - Item B

3 - Item C

table 2 with different project:

Project 2

1 - Item C

2 - Item A

I need to create this running number dynamically, based when the item was added (Date).

I already tried the "Count Dimension" Aggregation calculation measure (with project and also with item dimension as aggregation dimension) but this returns

Project 1

1 - Item A

1 - Item B

1 - Item C

and so on ...


Best regards


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HI Michael,

Is this something you could mock up using the BestRunJuice sample data?
Mainly asking as i'm trying to get my head around the requirement.


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Are you trying to index the items within the project? You might need analytical app for this I feel.

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Yes, you can call that an index.

The user is able to add new items to the table. Depending on the amount of items, the number should be added incrementally.

e.g. if there are no items in the table yet and the user adds a new item, this item gets the number 1

if there are already 3 items in the table an the user adds another item, the item should get the number 4

the tables exists for every project.

Depending on the project, item A can have a different running number than in another project

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