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SAC scripting : How to get active selected members of Dimension Input Control via API in story 2.0


Hi All,

I am using a dimension input control in my application based on the selection I want to write further scripts based on the conditions I will add.

However, the challenge is SAC is not able to read selected members from Dimension Input control although it doesn't gives error but on running the story runs into error

Script : var x= Dimension_Inp_Control_name.getInputControlDataSource().getActiveSelectedMembers();


As a workaround I will have to instead use a radio button and set the filters on the respective widget via scripting.

But it is strange that a functionality which is standard is not enabled to work like any other input control.

Does anyone have a better workaround ??

Thanks in advance

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desan28The Inputcontrol.getInputControlDataSource().getActiveSelectedMembers(); is not supported for all Input controls. As a workaround, may be you could get the dimension control to affect a table (hidden) and may be read the table resultset to use it further.



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Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for the workaround ..for now I am going ahead with radio button.

Is there any news from SAP when they will enable the getActiveSelectedMembers() for dimension input control.


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Hello Nikhil,

Thanks for this, it works. Now I have to Compute a logic on the value selected in the Input control  captured in the script variable and display it .  I tried the same on ON initialization and ON Active, But it is not working .


When I select value in the input control The logic is not executed. Could you guide where this piece of logic needs to be written.



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Hello Nikhil , it works but I want to write a if condition over the script variable and display it .I have written the If Condition On initialization and on Active screen but. when i change the input control the computed value from the IF condition is not reflecting , Could you please guide under which section this logic needs to be added. ?