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SAC - Report Refresh - Destination Host Unreachable

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Hi All,

I have an analytic Application created in SAC, based on Live Hana connection, and the Model is referring to a calculation view created using WEBIDE (XSA).

In DEV, all is good. But after transport to QAS, in the report side, observing the below scenario with each refresh.

First Refresh

Second Refresh

Third Refresh

Fourth Refresh

The error each time says : 'Unable to retrieve data from data source Error: [Destination host is unreachable !]

The report is completely built on a single model, and always shows some data in the chart from the model.

Not sure why it is happening. Any inputs would be helpful.

Thank you,

Sarath Sunny

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Active Contributor

Hi sarathms1,

I would like to advise you to use Developer Tools in Chrome to check for any errors on the network tab (and also on the console tab). On the network tab, you can see the different calls made to the backend HANA system and the response. Can you share your findings here?

Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

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I am facing this issue too. 

I have connected my sac with QAS S4 hana and facing errors like 'unable to reach host,' 'you are not allowed to access datasource' and 'server errors' very frequently, my modeling is showing the values but not in stories. 

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Please help me out.