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SAC Planning: Locking on model dimensions locks "Totals" on a table

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Hi All

When manually locking cells on a table in a story, the "Totals" value is still enabled for change - i.e not greyed out and values can be entered at that level - either when using a hierarchy or flat structure and displaying "Totals".  (See pic below showing "Sep" & "Oct" cells locked, but the total value of 1,200 when using hierarchy or flat structure is not greyed out and values can still be entered)



However, when enabling dimension locks on the model for "Sep" and "Oct", the values in the table for those months become locked (greyed out) but the "Totals" are now also greyed out and changes can't be made.


Is this by design or am I missing something?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @antonclv , from your symptom description, I think Planning Area is enabled based on Data Locking in your model. If you turn on the "reason for unplannable data" with your table, and click "Total" node in your table, you should see "out of Planning Area" reason. 

You can get more information about planning area from help doc: