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SAC Planning - how to prevent inputs on hierarchy nodes ?

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Hi everybody.

I'm looking for a way to prevent users from inputting on nodes (and eventually setup a specific formatting on cells displaying agregated data, as to say nodes).

Of course I mean inputting in a table object, in a planning story.

I've found some answers doing the job, but they all emplies to manually define the locks on nodes.

I need manually to teach the system that this particular member is a node, and this one, and so on ...

My project dimension is dynamic : tomorrow users in S/4 system will create new projects and new WBS. Those items will be loaded into SAC, and new nodes will be inputable until I come back to my story and relock all new projects.

There is no way I'll spend my life coming back again and again in all concerned stories to add missing locks manually, this is a never ending story 🤣

I'm looking something clever and logical I may have missed in the table settings, or in model settings like a check box saying "prevent inputs on parents".

Thanks in advance for feedbacks & Regards.

Guillaume P.

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Unfortunately there is no flexible dynamic option as you cannot leverage attributes in data locking or conditional formatting . At least in conditional formatting locking you can use Self, Sibling, Descendants option so if the hierarchy is not un even in levels you can still achieve some dynamic locking by repeating the nodes, still not realistic though.




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deleted ...

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Hello Nikhil. Unfortunatelly the hierachy is asymetric, not all leaves are at the same level ... There is no solution to my need ... Regards. Guillaume.