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SAC Planning: Display different periods for different versions

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Hi community,

in a planning table, I would like to display not every period for every version. As an example, I want to display the actuals for P01 and the forecast (another version) for P02. And I dont want to see P01 for the Forecast or P02 for the Actuals.

I would do have it like that:

Measure 12342342
Measure 223233

I dont what:

 Actuals Forecast 
Measure 1234--2342
Measure 223--233

According to this page, that should work with advanced filtering.

But its not working at my table. For both versions, P01 and P02 are displayed, although I only want P01 for the actuals and P02 for the forecast. Do you have any ideas? Or are there other possibilites how I could achive the same result?


I will include some screenshots of what I did.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear @eric2357,

advanced filters are not working with unbooked data.


3028328 - Unexpected columns show in table when using advanced Filter in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) 

Best regards

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Thanks for your answer. I could fix this issue by using the "Forecast Layout".