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SAC Header Image Insert trouble

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While trying my hands at responsive designs I am trying to follow tip # 5 in the following post:10 Tips for Effective Responsive Dashboard Design ... - SAP Community


The image above is the result of creating a "Header" text and using the "Insert" to insert an image into the header. It might be hard to spot, but an image is actually there.
No really, its right there... 😅


Obviously this is a bit of a problem.
My header settings are the following:


Seemingly no matter what settings I try to tweak, "Width", "Height", "Lock to Title", "Contain", "Cover", "Stretched", "Pan". They all come up short in having any effect at all.
I also tried upscaling the image to a much much larger resolution. Yet still retain the same results.

The header is placed in the following hierarchy(in case this might have an effect):


So my question: How do I get the image to fit with the Header text? So I can follow Tip #5 in the previously posted link.

I welcome any directions to guides or other resources which could help me learn and improve in my use of SAC.

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I tied to re create your scenario and it worked fine for me. I am not sure of the image file format but SVG format works great. Could you try with a similar format and see if that helps.




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Tried using SVG format and it works perfectly.