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SAC for office excel stuck on login screen

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Hi Team,

We are trying to access SAC Excel add-in and its loading & loading when we click on login and ended without logging in. PFA for more info about the issue and version details.

This issue is only affecting a few users. These affected users have the latest MS Excel installed and they have used the Add-in for several months until yesterday afternoon when the issue began.

Most of the other users can login in seconds.

Please let us know if there is any resolution recommendations. We have tried removing excel add-in and add it again.

Thanks in Advance.



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It happens sometimes when you reloaded the add-in only for first time. Maybe you wait for few minutes and next login it won't take much time.

But you can try clearing cache and reload add-in once.

If you are using desktop version, use the below path to clear the cache.


Best Regards,