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SAC Currency Conversion Rate from previous Month (Priorities of Calculations)

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Hello community, 

is it possible to rearrange the priorities of Lookups and Currency Conversions? 

I need to derive the monthly changes (Credit/Debit) from a aggregated value (Balance) delivered by the source in local currency. The basic Idea is to lookup the value from the previous month and subtract it from the current month. This works fine for Local currency with the Formula:


Value Previous Month = LOOKUP([Value], [d/Date] =Current("Year").Previous("Month", 1))

But when it comes to currency conversions, the lookup delivers the already converted EUR-value from the previous month (which is based on the conversion rate from the previous month). ==> See Screenshot "Current Behaviour"

What i would need as a result is the Value in LC from the previous month converted in EUR with the conversion rate of the current month. ==> See Screenshot "Needed Solution"



I think this is a questions of priorities of calculations. Currently the Currency Conversion is performed before the lookup. Is there a way to do it the other way around and do the lookup before the currency conversion?

Can anyone support here?

Thanks in advance!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I can think of two options(not ideal of course)

  1. Create a conversion measure with booking date + 1(month), but this only work when there is one month shift




  2.  Create a base measure to first load previous month value and then do currency conversion 
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Hi @William_Yu , 

in my case this is not possible. 

I solved it with a seperate model to calculate the previous month value (only in local currency) and then use Cross Model Copy Step to transfer the monthly values in local currency to the target-model.

Best regards