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SAC Catalog File request


Hi all,

In SAC Catalog, if a user does not have rights to a report, she gets the "Request" button/option for requesting rights. Can this be turned off? (on a global scale for all reports in all catalog OR report by report).

Which role permission controls this capability? We have multiple system Admin users but not all want this feature and rather than ask them to go to Profile settings and switch off Notifications, is there a way to do it at a role level via permissions?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

When a story is published through catalog, you assign it to a team and you can grant access to the catalog at the same time.

So if you assign it to team with grant of read access, user who can see the catalog should already have access to hence no request is needed. In other words, don't publish catalog to team with no access.

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Hi William, can you say if we have any possibility to find all catalogs/teams for which we didn't select "Grant read access" when published to Catalogs?