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S_TABU_LIN object

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Hi all,

I used S_TABU_LIN object for restricting access to some table based on plant. It is working fine in sm30 . But it seems it does not work with se16.User is able to see records for all plants .Can somebody advice if this object is not effective for SE16 .If so, then what can be done to implement line wise restriction for users in se16.

Please advice



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Chittranjan,

This is true that s_tabu_lin is not checked in SE16. This is due to ABAP code for SE16. To activate the check you need to comment out 'CHECK G_SLIN_AUTH_CHECK IS INITIAL' line in include LSETBF02. For greater details refer to OSS note 763269. This would help you out for sure.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The object "S_TABU_L" is all about controls access to individual table rows.

This complements authorization objects S_TABU_DIS and S_TABU_CLI.

S_TABU_DIS works at the level of customizing tables or maintenance views.

The existence of organizational criteria is a prerequisite for "S_TABU_L"( Which is not in the case of S_TABU_DIS where it mainly requires the auth groups to which acess is requested and the activity also)

An authorization at row level is only effective if the associated organizational criterion in the current client is active.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Pradeep

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Do you have to restrict a pool table? with these Object? ( S_TABU_LIN)

For example in the table T030U, this a pool table a i can't get the Object work.

Or anyone knows something about to use the object S_tabu_lin in a pool Table.

I really preciate your Help with these issue.

best regards.



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S_TABU_DIS is the object which restrict table access not s_tabu_lin.