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can u please tell me what is s_rs_comp,s_rs_comp1,

and where can i find documentation abt it..


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Answers (2)

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See Note: 540720

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Hi Kasinath,

S_RS_COMP - Authorizations for using different components for the query definition

S_RS_COMP1 - Authorization for Queries from Specific Owners

Refer the link below for more info-->

Hope it helps,


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I Think s_rs_comp is athorization info obj. i know we have a time Info obj, using this time info obj, we use this for getting quarterly or monthly or year data.. what exACTLY this authorization info obj will do. using this info obj what can i can i use.. howto assing my ic to this info obj.. can you gimme the proper idea abt it..please


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They are not infoobjects but just authorization objects. Completely differnt. One or many authorization objects can be assigned to roles and within the these authorization objects for roles, you can set values to control what a role can or cannot do.

For example, access to only certain infoareas, only display but not change cubes etc.

For examples of how you can use auth objects, goto this link,