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Hi All,

I am working on a system that was recently moved to a new server. Ever since it was moved, I am getting an ABAP dump with the error INSERT_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG and exception CX_SY_WRITE_SRC_LINE_TOO_LONG.

The error short-text is:

ABAP program lines with a length of > 255 characters are not allowed.

I get this when I hit the activate button on the BSP application that I am developing.

When the system was on the old server, this had never happened before. My programs compiled nicely without the 72 character limit. I went to Settings --> Editor and unchecked the 72 characters limit. I'm still getting the dump.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? Is there a system setting that might need to be changed?


Roman D.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Here is the text of OSS note 741717

INSERT_REPORT_LINE_TOO_LONG is raised when BSP page is activated.

Other terms
BSP, generation, activation, HTMLB_SAMPLES, SBSPEXT_BSP

Reason and Prerequisites
There is an error in the transport which causes the BSP pages to

be incorrectly saved (with duplicated length of program code lines).

So the lines which, initally had 128 characters or more, become

longer than 255 characters.

For instance, this problem may take place for pages 'group.htm' and

'tableViewSampleFlights.htm' of BSP Application HTMLB_SAMPLES,

and for page 'portalNavigationPage.htm' of BSP Application SBSPEXT_BSP.

You can find the name of the corrupted page in the section

'Selected variables' of the short dump, variable P_COMPOSITE_NAME.

To fix this problem, one must save and activate again this page.

Open it in SE80.  Find the event handler section, which contains

the lines with the length more than 127 characters.

Enter the 'Edit' mode.

Insert and delete any symbol into the event handler coding in order to force editor to resave the source. DO NOT CHANGE THE SOURCE CODE.

Save the source and leave the 'Edit' mode.

Activate the page.

Also check OSS note 851647.


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Hi Srinivas,

Thanks so much! I didn't think of checking OSS!



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