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Running UI5 app in Chrome(or browser of our own choice) from Business Application Studio.

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How to run a SAP UI5 application in Chrome browser from Business Application Studio, as there only one option is there to preview the app in emulated preview of BAS?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi atulmittal0795_17,

If you have you app running in Business Application Studio in preview mode, these are the steps you will need follow to be able to run it natively on Chrome.

Check steps 4 to 7 in the following tutorial -

This is what is covered in steps 4 to 7.

1. Redirect incoming traffic to the SAPUI5 app The generated code comes ready-to-deploy.

By default, the web app will be available at https://<approuter-url>/<app/id>; and the application router will not redirect traffic that hits the root URL.

2. Build the application.

Build (aka package) the project to a mtar archive to deploy it to Cloud Foundry.

3. Deploy the archive to Cloud Foundry

4. Open the started application in your browser. You might need to log in with your SAP ID (the same credentials you use for the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit).

Please kindly advise if this address your topic to accept the answer.


Luis 🙂

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Thanks Luis 🙂 Have to check these steps and will confirm soon.

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