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Running Hybrid App in Browser

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Hi Experts

I am trying out to do one experiment with Hybrid App which developed in SMP 2.3. What i am trying to do is, loading the files in browser. is it possible to do that? If yes can you please tell me whcih file i need to open in browser like index.html

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes, it is possible to do so. I'm assuming you mean in a desktop browser (although it is possible in a device browser, you just have to publish it on a local web server). How you do so depends on how you built it. Did you build it by hand, or in the Designer? If its the latter, then which platform are you trying to view in a browser? For Android and iOS, for example, you'll want to open hybridapp_jQM.html and you'll want to specify the screentoshow URL parameter. Which browser are you trying to use? If you are using Chrome, for example, you'll need to launch it with the --allow-file-access-from-files command-line parameter. Also, it should be noted that device-specific functionality, such as the camera and most notably interoperability with the SUP server, are not going to be accessible when launched outside the container.

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