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running faceless wd application url from a service

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i have a faceless web dynrpo application (no view) and i want to run it from a portal service.

when i use this code

URL wd=    new URL("http://nessep7cd:50000/myWebDynproApp");
BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(wd.openStream()));

all i get in the in.readline is html page with message "your browser dont support web dynpro" and nothing is being executed from the application.

how can i run my wd application form other java class or portal service?

i just want it to run without seeing any result.



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thanks for the quick reply.

i can run the application through its url when i use my browser (ie6).

but when i use the code above to run the application i get that message. note that i dont open a window with the application (since it's faceless) , i run it from java class using only the code above and i expect it execute my wdDoInit method of the component controller

so , what do you say ?