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Running Ecatt script multiple times

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I have created a ecatt script for ME21N. I need the script to run multiple times.So,i have used Do Enddo statement and put the number of times to be executed.

The script is running fine for the first time. then its not running. From the second time,its putting blank values into the fields and not saving the data.

How can i run the script multiple times.



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Answers (2)

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Answered but not solved the issue

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When you run the script multiple time then you will have to pass different values to the fields so that every time the script is run with new set of values and the data is created.

So in the script you will have to parameterize the fields and then handle the position of the fields so that when the script is run for the first loop counter the data is maintained in the first line of the transaction(for example) and the increament the counter for the second run so that the control moves to the second line for the second execution similarly for the multiple runs.

Alternatively parameterize the fields with the table containing so many entries as the number of times you want to run the script and for each execution one set of entry from the table is picked and used in the execution for the next run the second set of values is used and so and so forth.

Hope it answers your question.

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