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Running Customized Batch Jobs

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We currently have batch jobs that are running hourly. Theste jobs processes IDOCs that are in the queue. Sometimes the job runs for more than an hour causing a concurrrent session to be running at the same time which cause issues.

I was wondering if there was a way to set up the job so it will postpone the job if there is a current job running already.

I know of other external applications like Autosys or Tidal that can do it but I was wondering if there is anything in SAP.

Thanks for the help in advance

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Answers (2)

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while schedule your job, on start condition define your job is running after job instead of defining periodic job. you need to define predacessor job name (job before your current job).

hope it help you,


Alfonsus Guritno

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The reason why we need to do this is because we don't want the job running at the same time trying to process the same IDOCs which may cause inconsistencies. So we were wondering if there was an option some where that will:

-run a batch job hourly,

-if batch job is still running, hold the next batch job and run during the next available hour.

-and have this run periodically.

Another reason is we only have 8 background processes - "limited resources". if multiple instances of same job start every hour due to large number of IDOCs, other jobs will have to wait.

your replies are much appreciated.


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I don't think there is such functionality but you can trigger jobs after events so you can guarantee they don't run in parallel but in serial. You can also change the job periodicity.

In the other hand what is the problem with 2 jobs running at the same time?..