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Running bsp's at customer site

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how can I (sitting relaxed in my office ...) run a bsp application at a customer site?

When I log in via CSN/STFK and test a bsp in the SAPGUI/SE80, I do not see the HTML-page.

As I was told, one way is to use pcAnywhere.

Is this the 'normal' way I have to connect to a customer system?

Or is there another (easier) way?

Regards, Martin

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Hallo Martin,

The nicest way (with the coffee of course) is when the customers web application is available via internet. Then you just enter the external URL into your browser on your desktop.

The standard way is PC Anywhere.

Also, there is now a remote debugging available via OSS/CSN. This means that HTTP traffic is also routed via the secure connection directly between browser and server at customer site. This requires some configuration from customer as well. See note 592085 for the first version of this approach. I don't have an immediate reference to the newest version of everything.

If you feel like trying this out, and have a customer that is willing to do the required configuration changes (SAP router update required to make it work correctly for both HTTP and HTTPS), then we can do it together. I have the necessary contact information to get expert help:). Thereafter I can write it up as weblog. (Let us do the rest offline and return with a final polished answer. You can email me with background stuff, etc.)