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Running BSP Pages

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Hi all,

For running BSP pages from iviews within portal, is there is a plugin or anything needed to be downloaded or installed or is it running on the J2EE engine? I'm using EP6 Sp09.


Jin Bae

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the integration of BSP applications in the portal enviroment ist quite straight-forward. SAP provides master iViews for this.

Or do you want to actually <b>run</b> the BSPs directly on the portal server? This can not be done, as BSPs rely on the ABAP stack (i.e. an existing Web AS ABAP) to run and the portal runs on a pure J2EE engine. As you are running on NW04, you could perform an ABAP + Java-Addin installation for having both stacks (java + abap) on one machine. The respective installation guides should give ou detailed information on this.



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