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Running ADS on windows 2008 x64

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Hi All

I need to find out if ADOBE Document Services (ADS) can run on windows server 2008 x64. I know that according to Note 925741, ADS is not supported on a Windows 64 Bit servers but on 32bit servers, meaning you have to install it separately. My question is, since this note details windows server 2003 x64 as not supported by ADS, does this still hold for ADS (NetWeaver EHP1) on windows server 2008 x64 servers (being new and all).

Anyone who can assist, please advice


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this is listed in the PAM.

But the exact answer is yes, the ADS supports x64 Windows 2008 installation.

Only IA64 is not supported.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your response.

highly appreciated.