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Run a job with BODS Designer 4.2 SP14

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Hello Experts,

On BODS 4.2 SP14 Designer I have a problem when I want to run a job.
- If there is no job running on the repository, you can launch a job
- If a job is already running (launched by me or another person), I get the message "the job server you selected is not working" as well as BODI-1241023 when I go to the designer's job server icon.
But in all cases I can run a job via the console.

I couldn't find any relevant information in the log files.

Can anyone help me?


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Dear  Looks like there is a connection issue between Designer and Job Server. Kindly refer to the below article

Excerpt from the above article

  • Potential causes are:
    • A firewall preventing access to the Job Server port(Inbound firewall rule)
    • Windows built-in firewall preventing access to the Designer tool
    • Enabled or disabled McAfee firesvcs.exe 
    • Network host name resolution issues (DNS)
    • Some other processes occurring on the network


      Arun Sasi