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RSIMPCURR to run for multiple R/3 systems

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We have one BW system being fed by 3 different ECC systems. Each ECC system has it's own table of currency exchanges. One system converting to Euros, a second system converting to British Pounds and a third system converting to US Dollars. We need BW to be updated with data from all three tables.

From what I can glean from documentation, the variant for source system for the RSIMPCURR program cannot be set in the ABAP variant screen but can only be set from the Source System tree in the BW workbench - at which point you select one and only one source. Is there anyway to modify the process to allow BW to be updated from multiple source systems?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To create a Variant to update your currency exchange rates in BW, with the exchange rates table data from each of the source systems, do the following:

1) Go into the Transfer Exchange Rates for the first source R3/ECC system you want to extract exchange rates from.

2) The system name will come in defaulted and grayed out.

3) Update the Exhange Rates selection criteria (if any) and select the Update Exchange Rates radio button.

4) Go to the menu path Goto > Variants > Save as Variant.

5) Enter a logical Variant Name and Description and Save

6) Repeat Steps 1-5 for the other two source R3/ECC systems.

Once you're done with this, you will have three separate variants (one for each source R3/ECC system) that you can use in three separate ABAP Process Variants within a Process Chain to execute the RSIMPCURR ABAP program to update the exchange rate table in BW.

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