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RSDV Transaction

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The Inventory Management How to guide refers to the transaction RSDV.

Does this transaction show me the date range from which the Plants have stock data in SAP R3 to the point that the opening stock has been filled in the setup table MC03BX0SETUP? Thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The SAP help Clearly says:

The validity area describes in which time period non-cumulatives have been managed.

Normally this time interval is valid for all records for the InfoCube, for example for all cost centers, materials, etc. The validity interval is comprised of the minimum and the maximum of all postings.

If the first values are posted for a product group on 12.31.1999 and a non-cumulative change was posted for the last time on 3.10.2000, the validity area is the time interval from 12.31.1999 until 3.10.2000.

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