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RSCRM_BAPI removing filters of View for File Extract execution.

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Hi folks,

I m working on BI 7.0.

I have a view , which has poor performance, as query based on DSO , I want to execute the view in background with a variant.

I created an extract using a variant In RSCRM_BAPI.

But in output i can see only those values.. same as in output when i saved View .

On filter button in RSCRM_BAPI ,

there are sum active filters on view.. which filter out the data and not considering the Variant i provide..

If i make them inactive in RSCRM_BAPI. it doesnot allow to save the view

and hence the Extract is not working

Has anyone worked on similar scenario ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can run it in background using RSCRM_BAPI, but you need to maintain Customer Exit/SAP Exit variable/Constaants for all Variables, Bcoz it will run in background so the selection screen need to fill automatically.



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Thanks for your valuable inputs

I have gone thru this threads and also few How to for RSCRM_BAPI

I have done this for query before, it works fine with File extract and Variant i gave.

The only issue i have is with View.. which is having default filters.. which lastly filters out data selection given in Variant.

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Did you unselected the filter checkboxes and then clicked the SAVE button, get out to the view and then save the view?

I have a similar problem but with older queries, if I make a copy of them, I can unselect the filters and save a view.

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Thanks for the reply

yes what i did is as follows

1. Select view and then Fliter button

2) Unselected the checkboxes then Save there

3) Back to View definition screen then clicked on Save

4) Dialog box asking for Save Query view.. then i Clicked on Save Query View button

5) Shows Error "Error while saving"

Should i make copy of view and then try removing filters ?



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