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Routing rules in SAP incoming email

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Hello, SAP Gurus,

I have doubt, in the note 455140 step 5, show me routing roles to configure incoming mail, but I don´t understand this routing:

For example:

* --> SAPWASHost:25000 , What´s the meaning?

* , i think is: mymailuser after @ = Is ok?

Or is someone user after @, Which one is correct?

SAPWASHost: this name is not change?

Or SAPWASHost: is the name of my hostname?

Thanks for your answers about it.

Best regards.

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Hello Victor Hugo,

definitely your SAPWAShost is corresponding to the hostname of the server bearing your sap system.

In this example, the TCP port that will be used  by the SMTP server to communicate with the SAP system is 25000 but it is fully customizable (depends on your policy in fact).

Generally, you must create a domain name like (or another possibility is

After completion of the setup, you will be able to send email to sap with following adress :

Best regards