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Routine in Infopackage not working

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Hi all..

I wrote a routine in Infopackage with the selection Abap routine 6. for some reason the code is not selecting..i mean if the code has to get fisc year 2007, instead its getting all the records from all the years. i tested out the code in abap se38, it works fine, the function module is working fine, i am missing something here in infopackage, can anyone please let me know.

Here is the code.

data: l_idx like sy-tabix,


data : begin of itab occurs 0.

include structure /BIC/PZOCDPYCTA.

data : end of itab.



VTYPE = '010'



loop at itab.

read table l_t_range with key

fieldname = 'FISCYEAR'.

l_idx = sy-tabix.

l_t_range-SIGN = ' I '.

l_t_range-OPTION = ' EQ '.

l_t_range-LOW = itab-FISCYEAR.


modify l_t_range index l_idx.


p_subrc = 0.

The FM takes the input as 010 and gets all the records related to that..which is 2007 year records instead its getting all the records from all years..please help me.



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Answers (1)

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Check the monitor to see what values are entered as the restrictions in the infopackages for fiscal year. if the correct values don't show up in the monitor you know the routine is the problem and not a system bug.

Also, you may want to consider doing a range if the multiple single values isnt working.

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Hi John.

The selections in the monitor is not showing any values for the fiscal you think the problem is with the code, the FM works fine, can you please tell me what i need to make changes in the code.



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Yes, I think the problem is with the code. I'm not good enough to eyeball the ABAP and tell you specifically where the problem is. You can try to make this code a variable in the BEx User Exit and then point the infopackage to the variable. that might be an easy way to set a break-point and test the code line by line.