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Route not found when using sap java buildpack for cloud foundry application

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New to cloud foundry here. Trying to deploy a Hello-World Spring Boot Application on CF. The demo application provided here (and compiled with Java 😎 works without a problem. I click on the generated route and the result is there. But when I replace java_buildpack with sap_java_buildpack, the route returns "Not Found". What am I missing here?

The reason for using sap_java_buildpack is that when I deploy a DB binded app on CF with java_buildpack, it doesn't run (driver rejecting JDBC URL). But it reaches the started state with sap_java_buildpack, albeit with the same "Not Found" issue.

So, any help with either of the issues is welcome..

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Hi suresh12, Did we find and solution or root cause here?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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sorry, unfortunately, I'm not familiar with java buildpacks.
Just wondering:
What exactly is not found? The REST endpoint? Or the route?
I can see in the manifest an outdated parameter: host.
I think it is deprecated and you probably should add something like

    - route:
Just little hint
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The route itself is not found. Tried with the above change in manifest, but still the same. Thanks for trying though!