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room index permissions

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I have an index on rooms_extension and i added it to basic search iview in the tool area. Now i can find documents stored in collaboration room, but the problem is that i can find documents in rooms that i dont belong to. The index permissions are set to "Everyone", how can i map it so that it will disply only documents from rooms i belong to?


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Hi Roni,

Even though Everyone group has index permissions, you can restrict the displayed search results by restricting the permissions on folders for users.

<b>Permissions for folders and documents in the repository</b>

Before displaying the results list, the system carries out a permissions check for every document found. The system displays only documents for which the current user has adequate permissions in the results list. If a user does not have read permission for a document, the document in question is not displayed in the results list.

Check this:


Praveen Gudapati

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The documents directory in the room have permissions only for the room members (group ROOM_ROOMNAME_MAIN and user collaboration_service.

despite this, any user can find documents inside that room.

any suggestions?

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hi roni,

make sure you index only one room extension and not room CM store .