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Roles in portal

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can anybody please tell me about the different roles in portal and their rights

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Portal Components

Page Builder

It is component under portal framework which is having page templates depending on the user request it builds the page..

Admin tools

To maintain the end-user logon credentials

Portal Services

Portal Content Directory (PCD)

It holds all SAP provided templates as well as user components.

It is central storage device which stores the components, SAP provided as well as user-defined components

It is root directory.

User Management

It is responsible to maintain portal user information as well as external system login information.

Main responsibility is authentication.

It internally connects with user persistent store.

Portal Run-time

It acts as a gateway between portal user and to portal server.


It is an external server. It provides a facility of u201CDrag & Relateu201D.

It provides u201CDrag & Relateu201D feature to get the reports from other landscapes by dragging on-to portal screens. The template will be populated on-to portal server.

Connector Framework

To communicate with other landscapes, SAP-provided two connectors like JCO, JCA.

Knowledge Management (KM)

SAP provides a separate plug-in to have the feature of search engine. This plug-in can be attached to portal server.


It provides dynamic communication with other people which includes tools like chat rooms, discussion rooms, application sharing etc. SAP provides this as a separate plug-in to have these feature in EP.

Content Administrator

To design portal components like iView, Workset & role. Also used to make links between components.

User Administrator

Create users & assign roles to users & user mapping & locking the users.

System Administrator

Monitoring end users, create business packages & create system objects.

Super Administrator

It includes content administrator, user administrator and system administrator roles.

Thank you


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Hi Krishna kumari,

Roles are a mode of authorization into the portal.

The basic roles that are shipped along with SAP are :

1. Content Adminstrator - Has the access for the content being created in Portal ( roles, pages, iviews etc)

2. User Administrator - Has the access for creating users in the portal.

3. System Administrator - Deals with the system administration and permissions.

4. Super Adminstrator - As the name suggests its a superior to the rest of the 3 roles mentioned here, it is infact a combination of all the 3 roles.

If you assign this role you can access all the 3 roles.

These apart, there are other roles like, eu_core which is for the endusers.

everyone - has the basic authorization

All these apart you can also create your own roles and assign them accordingly.

Please refer to this

Hope this helps.


Sandeep Tudumu

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